Hybrid Solar Streetlights

The Hybrid Solar Street lights are ideal for street, road and common area lighting. The fully featured street light provides automatic dusk-to-dawn function with a full 12 hour battery backup.


Features of Hybrid Solar Street Light System

  • Battery provides a full 12 hour back-up
  • Seamless Hybrid operation - automatic bypass to mains if battery is discharged
  • Forced Manual Operation possible
  • Battery charges only using PV thus ensuring full use of PV power generated and reduces Utility Power charges
  • Dimming option available to enhance autonomy
  • Easy to read indicators for Low Battery, PV Charging and LED Lamp On
  • High efficiency constant current LED driver (>94%)
  • Built-in High Efficiency Solar Charge Controller
  • Integrated electronics control PV, Battery, Mains and LED makes installation easy
  • Protection -
    • Deep discharge protection
    • Over charge protection
    • Reverse Polarity protection for PV and Battery with LED indicators
    • Short Circuit protection
    • Surge Protection

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Eliminate additional CAPEX for increasing autonomy

LED Streetlight

For 2 day Autonomy

With Poseidon's Hybrid Streetlight

With Poseion's Hybrid Streetlight and Dimming Option

(Light operates at 100% brightness for 6 hours and at 50% brightness for 6 hours)

PV Panels Size Battery PV Panels Size Battery PV Panels Size Battery
70 W 0.55 kWp 2 x 150 Ah 0.45 kWp 1 x 150 Ah 0.35 kWp 1 x 120 Ah
Savings Standard Solution in the marketplace Save ₹5,000 on panels and ₹12,000 on batteries for a total savings of ₹19,000 Save ₹10,000 on panels and ₹14,000 on batteries for a total savings of ₹24,000


Models and Specifications


Solar PV*



Pole Length*


75 Wp

15 W

12 V, 35 Ah

2.5 metres



150 Wp

25 W

12 V, 60 Ah

5 metres



275 Wp

45 W

12 V, 100 Ah

6 metres



450 Wp

70 W

12V, 150 Ah

8 metres

* PV Solar Size, Battery size and Pole length are recommended system options

Integrated Electronics makes installation very easy